15 years with JMH Group


Oil Vac’s service trucks are “the best thing since sliced bread” says long standing client, JMH Group.

A quote like that is music to our ears and brings us joy knowing our customers are getting the best return on the product that they can.  Having been a client of Oil Vac for the better part of 15 years, JMH Group knows what they’re getting into every time they use Oil Vac products.

The professional relationship first started when Jaydon Hirst (now Company Director of JMH Group) first met Jon Lamb (Manager of Oil Vac) when Jaydon was working for another company. He was one of the first to buy a Komatsu trailer from Oil Vac when it started. When JMH Group started, Jaydon didn’t need to look far for his second trailer purchase.  We spoke to Jaydon to get the goods on why JMH Group continually choose Oil Vac.

Oil Vac solutions that JMH Group utilise:

“From the FEMCO side, we use their workshop and a range of their trucks which are incredibly easy to use,” says Jaydon. “They tend to minimise the risk of plug removal, and their quality assurance & efficiency are top class.”

“Specifically on trailers, we use their service trailer offering purely based on the efficiency of the product and the team. You don’t have to keep repairing them.”

Oil Vac leaves that lasting impression

“The relationship and the support that Jon gives is just outstanding,” says Jaydon. “If we’ve ever had any issues, Oil Vac has worked hard to rectify the problems nicely and quickly. Jon will also personally come and visit us. We’re based in Geraldton, so when Jon pops in to see us, he really becomes a part of the team when he’s here. It’s really special.”

At Oil Vac we pride ourselves on our efficiency and safety 

“You get that feeling that Oil Vac cares about your outcomes as much as you do as a client,” says Jaydon.  “It improves the quality of the job for your staff; it makes them happy, and it makes the job easier.”

“Oil Vac offers a well-backed up product, supported by a good guy. It’s a single, trouble-free solution vs pump-style that is always needing repairs. Jon and the team keep repair and maintenance costs down; (you don’t need to replace $1000 pumps all the time.) The products offer reduced noise pollution and improved safety, giving the guys good tools and making the job as pleasant for the guys as possible.”

From us at Oil Vac it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with. We’ve enjoyed building on the relationship first started by Jaydon and Jon all those years ago and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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