Oil Vac Australia is the only distributor of Sage Oil Vac Lube Oil Exchange Systems across Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

We are the product of two innovation-leading businesses – Sage Oil Vac and Oil & Energy Pty Ltd.

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Sage Oil Vac

Sage Oil Vac was founded in 2001 by Gary Sage. Gary created the first ever oil vac system in 1993 so he could change the oil in his equipment without spilling it everywhere – which is every industrial business owner’s dream! Gary soon found that his oil exchange system was not only cleaner, but faster and more convenient than traditional methods. Since 2001, Sage Oil Vac has continued to operate as a family-owned business based in the U.S. The award-winning business has worked with the U.S. Army Reserves, and has been a key innovator for the wind turbine industry since developing the wind GOEX system in 2007.

Oil & Energy Pty Ltd

Oil & Energy was established in 1999 as a comprehensive lubricant portfolio providing top-tier goods from Phillips 66 and Shell. Oil & Energy offers turnkey solutions across WA, South Australia and the Northern Territory for bulk & packaged lubricants with a guaranteed ISO Cleanliness Code rating. Oil & Energy has achieved Phillips 66 TOP TIER Marketer status for exceeding quality, safety, and environmental operations standards.

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Today, Oil Vac Australia is an associated business of Oil & Energy providing Australian, Asian and NZ industry with:

  • Sage Oil Vac Lube
  • Exchange systems
  • Service trailers
  • Service trucks
  • Lube units
  • Workshop carts to contain lube units
  • Oil filtration modules
  • Oil and coolant recovery systems
  • Field and workshop Oil Vac hire units.
  • Oil Vac Wind Turbine gearbox lubricant exchange systems
  • Clean and reliable quick drain technology utilising FEMCO products
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