Sage Oil Vac Lube Builder is a modular tool allowing for a complete custom skid build as opposed to a standard model skid.

It comes in extra handy where space is an issue, or where an existing lube service vehicle needs to be upgraded and dimensions are restrictive.

The Lube Builder concept is ideal for sprinter van-type installations, but variations on tank sizes and the numbers of tanks incorporated in a Lube Build are many.


Lube Builder Control Panel

Control Panel: Used to vacuum fill, control and monitor pressure – also to create a vacuum without accessing each tank.

LED Fluid Level Indicators

LED Fluid Level Indicators (optional): Know how much fluid you have without climbing into the back of your truck.

Barrel Straw

Barrel Straw: Attach the Barrel Straw to the fresh fluid tank and insert the opposite end in a bulk tank to get up to 10-20 gallons per minute.

Barrel Straw

Modular Layout: Allows you to locate key components of your lube system in the most convenient places for you.

Used Filter Receptacle

Used Filter Receptacle: Allows you to vacuum used oil directly from the crankcase into the used oil tank. Hot oil changes can be performed 60 percent faster than gravity drains


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