Why are Oil Vac Australia customers so enthusiastic about Oil Vac systems?

Well, for starters, Oil Vac systems have proven lube exchange times.

There’s the fact that you can count on Oil Vac systems to be extremely cost effective.

Plus the fact that Oil Vac systems ensure lubricant integrity.

The pressure and vacuum tanks incorporated in each Oil Vac unit are manufactured, tested and approved to comply with ASME and Australian Standard 1210.

Oil Vac’s extremely long service simplifies capital expenditure consideration for business owners. They’re virtually maintenance free – which means long-term savings.

They’re also dead-simple to operate – which means you don’t need a rocket scientist on the payroll to operate the thing.

They are modular, easy to handle and can be transported on service trailers, service trucks, the back of work site small vehicles, trucks, static mounted in workshops or in a workshop trolley design.

And, bonus points – they’ve been proven to satisfy environmental obligations.

That’s why Oil Vac Australia customers are so enthusiastic about the Oil Vac system.

The good news is, all Oil Vac systems are available for hire to approved customers and available for sale to anybody.

And while standard models make up the bulk of our sales, we always take the time to work with our clients in designing and building custom solutions for their unique lube exchange needs.

Many customers now have multiple lube units in operation in both small and large business operations such as major resource companies, equipment manufacturers, fleet owners, wind farm operators, service providers, military, marine and farming operations.

Each Sage Oil Vac system is accompanied by a comprehensive lube exchange product familiarisation and operational training session – redeemable any time. The Oil Vac system is also sold with a product manual and online training guide to enable in-house training for any new staff later on.

And if that’s not enough to get you started – Oil Vac Australia can also assist with the provision of service trailers, service trucks, lube exchange systems and components, lube units, workshop trolleys and much more.

FEMCO Drain Technology

Our FEMCO drain products simplify the task of removing waste oil from engines and associated components during lube exchange – either by gravity drain or vacuum extraction.

FEMCO fittings help the replenishment of new oil into drained equipment, which makes them a great choice in terms of ease of field service.

FEMCO drain fittings also eliminate virtually all spill, skin contact with waste oil and contamination of new oil, which makes them a great choice in terms of cost-savings and worker safety.

Experience the convenience of not having to remove and replace sump or drain plugs on each oil drain – because spilt waste oil and related clean up consumables are a thing of the past with FEMCO.

Browse our Oil Vac or FEMCO product ranges to get started.