Click Drain

Femco® Drain Technology is always developing new oil drain plugs. We are always aiming to develop new oil draining systems which are even easier or quicker to work with. Femco® Drain Technology wants to create an oil drain plug for every application. The Femco® Quick Drain plug is our latest development. The Quick Drain plug is specially created to drain oil from fixed machinery and hydraulic systems in a quick and easy way.

Click Drain

Click Drain Plug

The Femco® Click Drain plug is an oil draining system that consists of a drain plug and a “clicker”. The Click Drain plug is permanently installed on the sump. When it’s time for an oil change, you unscrew the dust cover from the drain plug and simply click the drain connector onto the Click Drain plug. The waste oil will then flow through the hose into the container. As the Femco® Click Drain plug is permanently installed you prevent problems like broken drain plugs or stripped threads.

An oil change in one click

The Click Drain plug enables you to change oil even more quickly, without spillages. That results in considerable time savings, especially if a larger number of vehicles or machines need to be serviced. The dust cover of the Click Drain plug is equipped with twin O-rings, which prevent dirt from coming between the tread and the dust cover. This makes the dust cover easy removable.

The Femco® Click Drain plug can be used together with an oil suction system. A Femco® suction system will drain the oil even more quickly and enable you to increase your productivity. The system can also be used to fill your vehicles with fresh oil. Alternatively, you can use the Click Drain plug with the suction system already available in your workshop.

The Click drain plug made to measures

The clicker of the click drain plug is available in lots of types and sizes, to make sure there is a clicker for every application.

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