Femco is dedicated exclusively to the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality oil drain systems. We are ISO 9001 certified by Lloyds of London. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers with quality products, technical assistance, and design innovations.

The body and working parts of Femco products (excluding springs and O-rings) are made entirely of high-quality brass, rather than machine steel, to prevent impaired performance due to rusting. Femco plugs and dust caps are BOTH made of brass. Brass dust caps on steel plugs (a design provided by some manufacturers) can fall off because brass and steel have different coefficients of expansion. All Femco springs (in the drain plug and the clicker) are made of stainless steel. We also provide solid copper gaskets, NOT hollow core (fiber-filled) copper. The hollow copper gaskets supplied with some other drain plugs do not provide secure, uniform adhesion between the plug and the oil pan. Hollow gaskets that contain asbestos as a fill fiber are already illegal in certain jurisdictions, and are certain to be banned under OSHA regulations in the near future.

Exclusive Design Features

Design Specs

Spring House

  • Inner coring extends only to the thickest part of the hexagonal body for strongest construction


Oil Pan Threads

  • Machined the full length for maximum strength and security


O-Ring Seal

  • Protects threads from contamination
  • Assures on/off action of dust cap and drainer


Single Bridge

  • Improves the gravity drain speed by 200%
  • Reduces strain on vacuum draining
  • Eliminates tapered valve sticking open after draining


Precision Fit

  • Femco plug are made in over 500 sizes and thread patterns
  • Sizes range from 12mm, 1/4NPT, 1/2UNF to 2 inch diameters
  • All thread patterns (UNF, UNC, NPT, BSP, Metric)
  • Custom sizes available


Femco Plugs

  • Supplied with solid copper gaskets
  • Available with magnet
  • Available with dust cap chain
  • Lifetime guarantee on workmanship and material
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