A lube exchange solution for every industry

Oil Vac Australia provides specialised services for a variety of industries. Oil changes and lubrications are a core component of routine maintenance for heavy equipment. Our lube exchange solutions make these important tasks stress-free and ensure a fast, safe, clean and reliable maintenance process. By protecting and extending the life of your equipment, we help you run a productive and economical business. No matter what your business needs, we can provide you with the equipment or service to get on with the job. We provide equipment solutions and offer fluid handling services to the following industries.

Mining Industry

The Australian mining industry is a large sector of operation and production that involves large fleets of mining equipment. Oil Vac Australia services the industry with fast, safe, clean, versatile and economical lube exchange equipment. Our equipment solutions make mining equipment maintenance painless and stress-free. Mining maintenance solutions require an in-depth understanding of the complexities and challenges of the industry. That’s why we employ a team of experts who can easily conduct the mining maintenance you need to keep your equipment and site running smoothly.

Construction Industry

Extend the life of your construction machinery with routine servicing and preventative maintenance. Investing in construction equipment maintenance will help you safeguard against sudden breakdowns and the associated disruptions to your site’s productivity, finances and project schedules. Protecting your construction tools and equipment from excessive wear and tear by investing in routine maintenance is an easy step one can take to limit disruptions to your site.
Oil changes and lubrication inspections are at the heart of routine maintenance for heavy construction equipment. Oil Vac Australia provides the systems and tools you need to keep your construction equipment operating smoothly. Our innovative lube exchange program means this can be done either on-site or in a workshop, making fluid handling fast, safe, clean, versatile and economical so you can get on with the job.

Agriculture Industry

We help keep the Australian agriculture sector running smoothly by reducing the downtime of agriculture machinery. Our innovative systems are designed to conduct lube exchanges in the field to get you back to work in no time. We know that the agriculture industry in Australia runs because of its machinery – which is why we employ the experts we need to service and repair agriculture machines. Oil Vac Australia can help you find the right solution to contribute to the profitability of your business and keep your agriculture equipment in proper working condition.

Heavy Equipment and Services Industry

Oil and lube exchange is a necessary component of the heavy equipment services industry. We know that the job can be unpleasant, messy and dangerous – which is why we set out to make it easier. Our workshop trolleys are compact and portable, taking up less space and making manoeuvrability in the workshop easier than ever. We know that business owners are interested in finding ways to look after their bottom line – which is why our apparatus costs less to purchase and maintain than a traditional centralised lubricant system.
Our workshop carts utilise a vacuum fill method that drains oil faster than a traditional method, allowing one to spend less time on fluid exchange. The vacuum method eliminates the need to purchase additional parts such as pumps, while the enclosed clean system reduces the chance of costly and messy oil spills. Oil Vac Australia can provide you with a system that will make lube exchange faster, safer, cleaner and more cost-effective.

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