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15 years with JMH Group

15 years with JMH Group



Mobile lube exchange systems and Oil Vac products offer immense benefits across various industries, including transportation, construction, mining, agriculture, marine, and industrial sectors. Any industry relying on efficient, on-the-go maintenance stands to gain significant advantages from our adaptable solutions.
Opting for Femco products for oil changes offers significant advantages, transforming your operations:
  1. Streamlined Efficiency: Our pump-free systems ensure faster, precise oil changes, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.
  2. Enhanced Cleanliness: Eliminate spills for a safer, more organized workspace compared to traditional systems.
  3. Custom Solutions: Tailored to your needs, our systems optimize workflow, saving time and resources.
  4. Boosted Staff Morale: A cleaner, more efficient process leads to happier, more productive teams, reducing stress and enhancing job satisfaction.
  5. Advanced Drain Technology: Our cutting-edge technology provides a seamless, superior experience over conventional methods.
Oil Vac’s lube service vehicles offer unparalleled benefits. Their versatile design enables efficient lube exchanges from bulk tanks, drums, or IBCs at speeds of up to 60 litres per minute, enhancing on-site productivity. With options for stand-alone or truck-driven air compressors, flexibility is guaranteed. The no-pump design ensures cost savings while features like filtered new oil delivery, LED work lighting, and fluid level indicators contribute to a user-friendly operation. Custom-designed in-house with 3D precision and sealed fluid tanks for contamination control, these vehicles represent a comprehensive solution for optimal field service.
An Oil Vac Service Trailer is a towable unit with a self-contained Oil Vac skid for fluid handling. Oil Vac Service Trailers offer flexibility as the skid can be detached for static operation, loaded onto an alternative vehicle, or left on-site for convenience. A Lube Truck is a dedicated mobile service vehicle with an integrated lube skid for on-the-go field servicing. The Oil Vac Service Truck requires a dedicated truck for deployment and often includes a built-in air compressor for added functionality. The choice depends on mobility needs and operational preferences.
FEMCO’s drain technology is crucial for fluid handling, particularly in oil changes. It makes removing waste oil from engines and associated parts easy, simplifying the oil change process. FEMCO’s drain technology minimises spills, maintains cleanliness, and enhances efficiency, safeguarding equipment integrity. This ensures safety, environmental compliance, and streamlined maintenance, preserving equipment longevity and reducing both downtime and operational costs. Suited to many vehicles, machinery and equipment, the FEMCO drain technology makes oil changes a simple task.
There’s no need for customisation! We carry a range of sizes and thread patterns, including UNF, UNC, NPT, BSP, and Metric. Oil Vac’s Femco plugs are manufactured with the correct thread length to precisely fit engine oil pans, including Cat 3126, 3116, Cummins Dodge 5.9L, Allison World Transmission, Deutz 10 cylinder engines, and others. Reach out with your requirements, and we’ll happily provide you with a precision fit Femco drain plug.

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