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Drain Technology

The FEMCO drain service and products have been designed to simplify the task of removing waste oil from engines and associated components, either by gravity drain or vacuum extraction. FEMCO fittings also accommodate the replenishment of new oil into equipment from which it has been drained.

Oil drain plug

Quick Connect Fittings

Femco® Drain Technology is always developing new oil drain plugs. We are always aiming to develop new oil draining systems which are even easier or quicker to work with. Femco® Drain Technology wants to create an oil drain plug for every application. The Femco® Quick Drain plug is our latest development. The Quick Drain plug is specially created to drain oil from fixed machinery and hydraulic systems in a quick and easy way.

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Design Specs

Femco is dedicated exclusively to the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality oil drain systems. We are ISO 9001 certified by Lloyds of London. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers with quality products, technical assistance, and design innovations.

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