Tips for Proper Maintenance and Longevity of Oil Vac Australia Service Trailers

Keeping Your Lube Service Trailer Running

Oil Vac’s lube service trailers are versatile pieces of equipment that provide a variety of utilities on the job site, but if you want to be able to get the most out of them, you’ll have to keep them well-serviced. Let’s dive deeper into the essential maintenance practices that will ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Oil Vac Australia Service Trailer. Whether you’re a seasoned operator or new to these trailers, following these tips will keep your investment in top shape.


Vessel Registration and Inspection Protocols

It’s important to always check in on your vessel’s registration and to strictly follow the provided inspection protocols. The high-pressure nature of these systems means that it is vital to regularly monitor the state of your vessel to avoid critical damage.


Regular Inspections

Frequent inspections are the backbone of effective maintenance, keeping you aware of the condition of your lube service trail. There are a few things that your operator should focus on. Firstly, check the fluid levels of your oil and hydraulic fluids regularly. Low levels can lead to inefficiencies and potential damage.

Secondly, check for leakages and wear on the unit. Inspect hoses, connectors, and tasks for any signs of leaks or other damage. These issues need to be addressed promptly to prevent further deterioration and ensure continuing operation.

Thirdly, check the condition of the lube service trailer’s tyres. Inspect for wear, proper inflation and damage. Well-maintained tyres will ensure stability and safe towing to and from the site.


Fluid Quality Monitoring

The quality of the fluids in your lube service trailer directly impacts its performance and should be monitored regularly. Assess the condition of the oil consistently; contaminated or degraded oil can harm your equipment. Also, keep your filtration system in mind. Make sure that the filtration system is clean and functioning properly. Clear filters help maintain fluid quality and prevent damage to the unit.


Lubrication Points

Proper lubrication is crucial for smooth operation and longevity. There are several parts of your lube service trailer that you should pay attention to and keep lubricated.

Inspect the unit’s moving parts, such as hinges and couplings. Keeping them lubricated will reduce friction and extend the life of the components. The axles and suspension of the unit should also be regularly greased. This will help prevent rust and keep movement smooth.


Storage Practices

Whenever possible, store your trailer under cover. Even though it is a highly durable piece of equipment, protection from the elements prevents weather-related damage and will keep it in better condition over the long term. If outdoor storage is unavoidable, invest in a high-quality, breathable cover, as this will shield the lube service trailer against rain, sun, and dust.


Professional Servicing

While regular maintenance is essential, professional servicing is equally crucial. Professional technicians can spot issues that might go unnoticed during routine checks, and conducting annual servicing ensures a thorough inspection of all components regularly.


By following these maintenance tips, you’ll maximise its lifespan and minimise downtime. For more information about Oil Vac service trailers and their features, visit the Oil Vac Australia website or contact us.

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