Benefits of Oil Vac Systems in Agriculture

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On an agricultural jobsite, your equipment or machinery is only making you money when it’s running. Downtime of any kind can rapidly lead to decreased productivity and revenue loss. When it comes down to it, any effort you can do to keep things running will add to your bottom line.

Oil Vac systems can make an ubiquitous task quicker and more efficient, effectively increasing the machine’s time actually doing its job.

Our systems are designed to conduct lubrication and oil changes in the field. This plays a large role in the agricultural industry and making sure you’re purchasing and operating the right system for the desired outcome is crucial.

Whatever your mobile lubrication and maintenance needs are, you’d ideally want minimal work disruption and something that will help sustain and improve your return on investment. Oil Vac uses a unique and patented pump-free design. The system uses vacuum pressure technology and compressed air to exchange fluid.


The benefits of using Oil Vac systems:

  • Faster

Our system not only challenges the norms of traditional pump-based technology, but surpasses them. The Oil Vac system can vacuum in fresh oils and fluids faster at a rate of 10-15 gallons per minute (GPM) depending on oil temperature.

  • Safer

Our enclosed, no-pump system protects the operator and the environment as tanks are not vented to the atmosphere. significant noise reduction’s knock on-impact on worker fatigue and safety is overlooked. Without the tireless noise from diaphragm and piston pumps in workers’ periphery, workers can work with less distraction ultimately resulting in more productive processes.

  • Cleaner

We are committed to efficiency and environmental sustainability. Our sealed tanks, exclusively designed barrel straw, Used Filter Receptacle™️ and Filter Stingers™ reduce spillage and contaminate risks.

  • Economical

Executing equipment fills using our compressed air methods instead of pumps means fewer costly maintenance issues. Additional benefits like reduced air compressor run time and a standalone power lube truck also contribute to more savings and a lower cost of ownership.

  • Versatile

We can customise lube systems to meet your operation’s needs, increasing productivity. Many of our products save space and our LubeBuilder™ system can be customised to any specification. Our à la carte kit option allows you to select only the things you really want and need for a more economical upfit.

If you’re ready to learn more, save more and keep clean – contact Jon Lamb at Oil Vac today on +61 8 9434 0927 or visit our website.


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