Sage Oil Vac Launches Online Brand Store

Oil Vac Merchandise Store

We’ve got t-shirts, we’ve got hats, we’ve got tumblers. Sage Oil Vac recently launched its new online store filled with branded clothing and accessories.

“We really wanted to have a place where our dealers and customers could buy a few items to represent our products and our company,” said Aaron Sage, Sage Oil Vac CEO.

Although the selection is limited for now, Aaron hopes to expand the collection over time.

“I think we have the potential to add more to the store in the future, maybe even a few items geared toward women? We will test the initial interest first and then move forward from there,” Aaron said.

One of the best things about this new venture? The price points. Shirt prices are within the $20 to $25 range and jackets are $40 to $45.

“We wanted to keep the store very affordable,” Aaron explained. “We’re listing most items for sale with a price that’s just high enough to cover the costs and that’s about it.”

Kevin Baker, Sage Oil Vac corporate sales manager, thinks the online store will see great success in the future.

“Hey, who doesn’t like to have a shirt or a hat to show where they work or what the equipment they use every day?” Baker said. “It gives us a great opportunity to spread the word about the company and get people asking questions.”

Visit to check out the latest Sage Oil Vac apparel today!

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