Preventive maintenance for the busy season

Prepare for the busy season with preventive maintenance

With the busy season sneaking up on us, have you thought about how your machines will handle the load? Or perhaps harvest is right around the corner and you’re getting ready? If you’d like to keep your equipment operational and running as efficiently as possible for the long term, then mobile lubrication systems and thorough maintenance are critical.

Unplanned downtime has a direct impact on productivity and your bottom line, with costly repairs making unwanted and often unpredictable appearances at the most inconvenient times. You don’t want to find yourself on the bench when the season heats up, and a few preventative measures taken now can keep your equipment operational when it matters most.

Traditional systems vs Oil Vac’s systems

If you’re looking for fewer maintenance issues, with less downtime and an overall lower cost of ownership, look no further than Oil Vac. While traditional mechanical pump-based systems have been the industry standard for decades, this oil extraction method is outmoded and requires a constant supply of high-volume compressed air. Oil Vac uses patented, no-pump vacuum technology to quickly and effectively remove fluid from equipment with no moving parts. This means you’ll be able to service more units per day because it’s so much faster than competing mechanical-pump technologies.

3 questions to consider when selecting a preventive maintenance system:

  • Does the system make preventive maintenance easier or harder?

Conventional lube equipment with diaphragm or air-pump-driven systems often has pumps that break down and need to be replaced or rebuilt. The Oil Vac system is easy to use and maintain because it doesn’t have any pumps or complicated plumbing.

  • What system features and functions help preventive maintenance work better?

How does a real-time inventory of fluid levels and tank labels sound? You won’t have to worry about underfilling or overfilling your tank again. Each Oil Vac mobile lube system has a digital meter that lets you fill a machine with the right amount of fluid quickly and accurately. The optional NextLube monitor system, which is available for both truck and skid models, adds telematics by letting operators combine data and automate fluid control, all from a single easy-to-use panel.

  • Was the system made with the safety and cleanliness of the operator in mind?

Since the Oil Vac system is enclosed, it protects both the technician and the environment as the tanks don’t vent into the air. When tanks are clean and sealed, contaminants can’t get into new fluids, which means less spillage on the job and less opportunity for contaminants to get into the oil or equipment. We also offer a wide range of attachments for our systems that help keep the job site clean.

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