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In an environment where concern around recruitment and staff retention is at an all-time high, many businesses across Australia are having to lean into other areas of the business to ensure that they are working at optimum efficiency levels.

Often the cost of not following best practices when it comes to preventative maintenance is realised all too late. In our current climate, the worst-case scenario involves a crew standing around waiting for a machine that has suffered a catastrophic failure. While we can’t avoid all machine breakdowns, following a scheduled preventative maintenance schedule on all of your machines will result in a significant reduction in machine failures.

With a very competitive employment market in the industry, it also becomes even more important to ensure that anything that can be done to ensure continued safety, job satisfaction and crew comfort is made a top priority. Not only do you want to ensure the team is not frustrated by downtime, but you also want to be looking at things like reducing noise exposure and operator fatigue.

Here are some key preventative maintenance advantages that can have an impact on staff efficiencies.

Preventative maintenance is quick & costs less

By ensuring that your preventative maintenance schedule is regularly in place, your equipment and machinery can largely be serviced on the job site as opposed to having to be sent away for more large-scale repairs. With maintenance occurring on-site, this means that you’re less likely to experience delays in the equipment returning or missing a service interval. If machinery is delayed in its return, this could result in frustration from the crew & unnecessary costs. Over and above avoiding the possibility of a frustrated crew, you will also save on transport costs for the machinery.

Ensuring staff time is used efficiently

Because service and maintenance professionals are hard to come by, you want to make the most of their time on-site. The pump-free Oil Vac vacuum-operated system is far faster than a standard pump system, meaning a technician may perform more oil changes per day, saving you money on labour and limiting the effects of staff shortages when it comes to machine maintenance.

Maintenance takes less time

Mechanical pumps are used by the majority of mobile lubrication equipment manufacturers to transport fluids, which necessitates routine maintenance and repair. Because each tank on a mobile lubrication system has a diaphragm and a mechanical pump, maintenance and repair can be time-consuming and costly, especially when equipment downtime is factored in. The Oil Vac method removes oil from the tank using compressed air rather than a pump. To empty used oil out of tanks, you simply reverse the process to create a vacuum within the tank.

The Oil Vac system was created to help you get up and running faster. This allows you to get the most out of your equipment, avoid lengthy service times and get a better return on your investment. With a more efficient system in place, your maintenance team can service more machinery in less time, making it a staff efficiency win as well.

Reducing system operating costs

Due to their design, some mobile lubrication systems are more expensive to operate. Traditional diaphragm pumps and air piston pumps, for example, necessitate a constant volume of air for the air compressor. Operating a mobile lubrication system with an air compressor uses fuel and raises maintenance expenses.

When compared to a traditional system, the Oil Vac system cuts air compressor run time by up to 70%. When the used oil tank is at full vacuum and the fresh oil system is at 80 psi, we recommend turning off the compressor. Wear and tear, noise, and fuel consumption are all reduced as a result. With high levels of noise being a proven fatigue factor for crew members, this will most certainly be appreciated on the job.

In a competitive market for both people and profit, it is important to move towards establishing efficiencies within each area of business. Oil Vac offers a wide range of solutions to ensure you get the right lube system to match your team’s needs. By ensuring that machines are well maintained and safe as well as using systems that ensure more comfort and uptime for staff, you can ensure you remain a competitive employer in the game.

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