Benefits of Oil Vac Workshop Trolleys

Workshop Lube Trolleys

At Oil Vac we know the value of having a workshop that runs smoothly. A key component to any well-run workshop or factory that requires lube exchange equipment is to have a workshop trolley. We stock our own Streamline Workshop Carts and here’s why you should invest in one for your workshop:


  • Safe

Safety is a huge priority in any industry. Our workshop trolleys can be moved around easily without putting in much effort. This largely eliminates the risk for injury in the workshop.


  • Portable

Depending on the size, workshop carts can be pushed or pulled, making them easily portable to give workers quick access when they require it. They can be maneuvered into tight or inconvenient places without hassle, allowing employees to increase their productivity.


  • Fast & Efficient

Oil can be drained faster, as the workshop carts use a vacuum fill method. The closed system is clean and reduces the risk of costly oil spills.


  • Economical

There is no need for expensive overhead and centralised lube systems for your workshop. Our Streamline Workshop Carts can handle the task of used fluid transfer and new oil transfer.


If you’re ready to learn more, save more and keep clean – contact Jon Lamb at Oil Vac today on +61 8 9434 0927 or visit our website.


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