Benefits of Oil Vac in Construction


In the construction industry, the need for proactive, scheduled maintenance on heavy equipment is paramount, no matter the size of the project. Routine servicing and preventative maintenance ensure that machinery is in peak working order and, additionally, protect parts and components from excessive wear and unexpected failure. Equipment upkeep safeguards against sudden breakdowns and the associated disruptions to productivity, finances and project schedules.

Smaller civil jobs, like earthmoving and roadwork, can be hit especially hard by unplanned downtime. This is because the size of the projects means that budget and schedule overruns have a big effect on the bottom line.

Oil changes and lubrication inspections are at the heart of all routine maintenance for heavy equipment. Oil Vac’s innovative lube exchange solutions make it easier to do these tasks. Whether in the workshop or at the job site, our fluid handling systems are necessary to ensure fast, safe, clean, versatile, and more economical operations, so you can get on with the job at hand.

The benefits of using Oil Vac systems in construction:

Our easy-to-operate mobile Oil Vac systems use a pump-free design. Using cutting-edge vacuum technology, this patented design makes it easier for the user to pour out and drain fluids. Depending on oil temperature, our systems can vacuum in fresh oils and fluids at a rate of 10-15 gallons per minute on a bulldozer. These proven lube exchange times mean that slower pump methods are a thing of the past.


Since our tanks are sealed and aren’t open to the air, there is less chance of spills and contamination for the operator and the environment. Less air usage during the fluid exchange process means a reduction in noise pollution, distractions and worker fatigue. The pressure and vacuum tanks that are built into each unit are manufactured, tested and approved to comply with ASME and Australian Standard 1210.


Our fluid tanks are sealed during use. The enclosed, no-pump, and non-vented system keeps oil from spilling and getting dirty from dirt and rainwater.


Our systems pull oil quickly and efficiently from equipment without any moving parts. No pump means fewer maintenance problems for a lower cost of ownership and long-term savings. The rounded body of our steel tanks minimises contaminant build-up from developing over time, also lessening the likelihood of cracks and major parts replacements. A small diesel engine mounted on the body of a stand-alone power lube truck runs hydraulics for the fuel pump and the air compressor. This cuts down on engine hours, wear and tear, and fuel use. Cost savings can also come from things like less time spent running the air compressor.


Our mobile fluid exchange systems are the perfect solution for on-site equipment maintenance and servicing, as each chassis can be customised to your unique requirements and accommodate multiple tank configurations. Our modular systems can be transported on service trailers, service trucks, small worksite vehicles, or static mounted in workshops.

It’s easy to see why an Oil Vac system is a necessary addition to your construction project. If you’re ready to learn more, save more and keep clean – contact Jon Lamb at Oil Vac today on +61 8 9434 0927.

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