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Sustainable Solutions

With sustainability becoming an ever-present requirement in any industry, there is more and more emphasis placed on worksites and companies doing their level best to improve their overall waste and pollution practices. A shift towards a more environmentally friendly world has everyone wondering what small changes they can make to have an impact on protecting our planet.


Fortunately, solutions already exist to ensure that when it comes to oil and lube exchange solutions, Oil Vac are able to protect both our natural resources and your bottom line. The main aim is to ensure that fluid handling is easy, efficient, and with minimal waste.


Oil Vac offers the perfect environmentally conscious system that not only makes ground contamination and fuel spillage a thing of the past, but also delivers a tangible cost-saving on labour and fuel usage. A win/win scenario for any operation.


Environmentally Friendly Solutions from Oil Vac

Sustainability is becoming something that impacts decision making at all levels of business and could mean the difference between being awarded a contract or not.


To differentiate yourself from the competitors, you must now assess every facet of your business operations. This includes the process for keeping your job site equipment in good working order while reducing pollution and waste. Using systems like Oil Vac technology, alongside any of our associated mobile machinery, a no-spill worksite is within your reach.


In addition to spill prevention, Oil Vac systems offer a fuel-saving benefit that is excellent for the environment and for your bottom line. Traditional diaphragm and air piston pump systems require a continuous volume of air from a compressor, which means the compressor must be on at all times. Not only does this waste fuel, but also leads to more wear and tear on the equipment. At Oil Vac, we create and maintain vacuum pressure in the tanks using easily accessible compressors. Once the necessary pressure is achieved to dispense oils, the compressor can be turned off. This results in less noise pollution, wear and tear, and fuel usage overall by reducing compressor run time by up to 70% over conventional systems. This goes a long way to ensuring workshop safety as less noise means less technician fatigue.


At Oil Vac we also utilise FEMCO drain technology for removing waste oil from engines and associated components. FEMCO fittings also allow for the reintroduction of new oil into equipment that has been drained. Using either gravity drain or vacuum extraction, this system boasts the ability to eliminate spills, reduce labour time and save money by eliminating common drain plug problems.


Solutions for Every Operation

From mining to agriculture, Oil Vac has got you covered. Our extensive collection of ecologically safe, dependable and effective on-site fluid management solutions is customisable for any business. To find out which solution is best for you, check out our website for a free quote or give us a call on +61894340927

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